Photographing words

We have a new addi­tion to the 2 mon­thy assign­ments already going on our forum. Pho­tograph­ing words is an assign­ment where you find let­ters made by ordi­nary objects. Then you shoot them and put the images of the let­ters together to form words. The word this month is Love. Many thanks to kiley9806 and mor­gan for their sug­ges­tions to start‚ this up on our forum. The first Pho­tograph­ing words assign­ment is Love and the thread is here. Here’s my con­tri­bu­tion from that thread. Hope to see more peo­ple sign up and contribute!

Hey I took my wife shopping today - Thats love.  So what if I hung around the parking lot?

Hey I took my wife shop­ping today — That’s love. So what if I hung around the park­ing lot?