Sunset — sunrise — blue hour — golden hour table/calculator

Use this tool by JekoPhoto to cal­cu­late sun­rise, sun­set, golden hour and blue hour any­where in the world.

Hat tip to moin­moin from our photo forum for this excel­lent find.

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The “Blue Hour” is a mostly short period of time direct before sun­rise and after sun­set. The dura­tion of this out­stand­ing mood of light varies. In the mid­dle euro­pean area the Blue Hour typ­i­cally per­sists between 30 and 50 min­utes. In e.g. more north­ern loca­tions — as Fair­banks (Alaska) or Saint Peters­burg (Russ­ian Fed­er­a­tion) it lasts up to 5 or 6 hours. If you are closer to the equa­to­r­ial area the period of time is much less. The name “Blue Hour” comes from the blue col­ored sky. This char­ac­ter­is­tic blue is based on the fact that there is nei­ther full day­light nor com­plete dark­ness as the sun is below the hori­zon. Another impres­sion is the mix­ture of the blue nat­ural and the warm artif­i­cally lights.

The “Golden Hour”, some­times called “Magic Hour” is a time frame shortly after sun­rise and before sun­set. The sun is near the hori­zon and the light, with it’s golden color, is very warm. These facts gives pho­tos more struc­ture and an out­stand­ing mood of light. As the “Blue Hour” the dura­tion of the “Golden Hour” with its spe­cial charme depends on the geo­graphic location. ”