Photography subjects that are off limits

What is con­sid­ered ‘off lim­its’ in pho­tog­ra­phy? Well, the answer of course can cer­tainly vary from one pho­tog­ra­pher to the next.

These days, pho­tograph­ing chil­dren raises a red flag for many peo­ple and some pho­tog­ra­phers steer clear away from them. There may be a sense of ‘intru­sion’ into the lives of these chil­dren, and pho­tograph­ing them may just not feel right. There is also the per­ceived risk that some­one may call the author­i­ties sug­gest­ing that the pho­tographs are being taken for sex­u­ally moti­vated rea­sons. Other pho­tog­ra­phers that pho­to­graph chil­dren do so in order to show the true beauty and inno­cence of who chil­dren are. They don’t care about per­ceived risks as they know that the pho­tographs they take are art­ful and eth­i­cal. Com­pletely dif­fer­ent sides of the story, right?

Another inter­est­ing choice of sub­ject to some pho­tog­ra­phers are street scenes — cap­tur­ing the beauty of sur­round­ings with peo­ple pass­ing by. No wrong doing right? Well again, to some pho­tog­ra­phers, there is a sense of dis­com­fort in shoot­ing com­plete strangers with­out get­ting their per­mis­sion first. Other pho­tog­ra­phers that know their rights (it’s legal to pho­to­graph any­one in a pub­lic place) have no issue with the ‘shoot first and ask ques­tions later’ policy.

There are many inter­est­ing sub­jects to shoot, and which is right depends on the photographer’s pref­er­ence, taste, and com­fort zone. What sub­ject mat­ter are YOU uncom­fort­able shoot­ing and why?

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64 — Finding good photography subjects

Pho­tog­ra­phy pod­cast #64 talks about how to find good pho­tog­ra­phy sub­jects and was a sug­ges­tion by our pho­tog­ra­phy forum mem­ber F8&Bthere. Some­times we go through peri­ods where it’s dif­fi­cult to get out there and take pho­tos. Often this hap­pens in win­ter time when it’s too cold. Some­times though it hap­pens just because we are blocked. This pod­cast offers up quite a few tips and ideas on find­ing inter­est­ing pho­to­graphic sub­jects for indoor and out­door shoot­ing.‚ Use it as a lax­a­tive to help unblock you. :)

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Addi­tional ideas from 365 pho­tos in 2009 (thanks raiven)

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