Not to be confused with the 75mm to 300mm kit lens, this is the more expensive G lens which denotes Sony's top line next to the Zeiss lenses.
Filter diameter is 62mm which means that it is easier to handle than some of the faster lenses with diameters of 70mm to 80mm plus.

The SSM supersonic wave motor for autofocus is quiet and fast and there is a focus hold button on the lens. Zoom is the outer ring and manual focus is the inner ring which is reversed from what most people are used to. It weighs just over a pound and a half and seems solidly built. Four feet is the close focusing distance which means that extended to 300mm it is possible to take what appears to be a close-up flower or small insect/animal shot from a distance.

The shot below was taken at about 70 feet away under poor conditions of haze and lighting. The second shot is the same one considerably cropped.
I was extremely surprised to get any detail at all, let alone decent colour.