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Photography Apps for IOS & Android

This is a discussion on Photography Apps for IOS & Android within the Camera equipment & accessories forums, part of the Education & Technical category; I never hear anyone mention it, but I'm sure that some of you guys are using smartphones and/or tablets running ...

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    Default Photography Apps for IOS & Android

    I never hear anyone mention it, but I'm sure that some of you guys are using smartphones and/or tablets running either Android or IOS. My phone is the Galaxy S3 and I have tablets using both platforms. So, what photography apps are you making use of? I have at least a dozen or so photography tools on each devise with a few of them being a little redundant when it comes to DOF calculators, light meters, and off camera flash. But, that's OK since most of them are free.

    I'll mention a few that I use often and see if anyone else has a few they'd suggest. Some of these are available for both Android or IOS and those that are seem to be very popular so here goes:

    The Photographers Ephemeris(TPE)- for both Android and IOS. This is a five star app that tells you everything you would ever need to know about the sun and moon as it affects your photography. From angles at rising and setting as well as throughout the entire day for many years into the future. You'll know where shadows will fall and even how long they will be if you wanted to know. Excellent for trip planing.

    Light Trac- IOS. Same as TPE, but I think I like it a little better because it seems to give my current location more precisely although that can be set manually in either. A dynamite app.

    Lens Lab- IOS. Tell it the distance to your subject, the focal length of your lens, and your aperture and it will show you everything you would ever need to know about the DOF and does it in a way that separates it from the rest of the DOF apps. This one is as cool as it gets. Trust me.

    DSLR Camera Remote HD- IOS. This one is for the iPad, but there is a version for iPhone and iPod Touch. I have the paid version on my iPad. You have to have a wireless connection(hot spot) to really make this one shine, but if you can provide your own as I can with my Galaxy S3, you can see everything the lens sees right there on the screen of the iPad and it gives you full control over common camera controls including shutter speed, aperture, ISO, white balance, and more from 50 to 60 feet away. Maybe even further, but I haven't tested its limits yet. It supports most newer Canon and Nikon bodies.

    Remote Your Camera USB Pro- Android. Does everything DSLR Camera Remote for OIS does, but you need to be tethered with a $6 OTG cable that you can get from Amazon. It's the best option for the Android user and you don't need the wireless connection. I have it on my S3 and Motorola Xoom. It's still in beta, but works as slick as ape poop for me.

    ND Calc- Android. Neutral Density Calculator so you can calculate the shutter speed when your using a neutral density filter. Maybe not so critical for ND's of 4 stops or less, but if you use a 10 stop ND you'll love this one. Just set the filter you are using and the shutter speed without the filter and the app calculates the new shutter speed with your filter fitted to the lens. This one has come in real handy for me.

    PHOforPHO- Android. Believe me when I say this one has everything including the kitchen sink. It even has a gray card. It's free. Nuff said.

    So, what are some of the others you guys are using? If you have a smartphone or tablet and haven't explored the app stores for anything other than those cute little apps that let you add effects to the pictures your getting from the devise itself, I encourage you to check a few of the ones I've mentioned out.
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