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New Round here...

This is a discussion on New Round here... within the Critiques forums, part of the Photography & Fine art photography category; Hi there, New to this forum, just wanted to share a few of my pictures, I've got a load more ...

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    Default New Round here...

    Hi there,
    New to this forum, just wanted to share a few of my pictures, I've got a load more on my website at, but here's a few heavy photoshop shots.

    Any feedback welcome


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    Thumbs up

    These are really interesting shots.

    Here are some comments - Pic 1 is a good shot but it could be photoshopped MORE for a better effect. I'm not sure what 'story' it tells, and how the photoshopping helps the shot. I think the sun steals the focus of this shot though and I'm not sure if that was the 'intention'.

    Pic 2 - is AMAZING. It tells a funny story and is well done.

    Pic 3 - is very good and suggests a story. My only comment would be to perhaps try and control the bright areas a bit more. Normally bright areas of a picture grab the eye first and because 2/3 of the sky in this shot are very bright, there isn't a real central area of focus.

    I hope that helps - and please remember this is just another photographer's opinion.

    BTW - I took a look at yr site and you have some very cool pix. Here are 2 of my faves.


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    I think the first shot is absolutely amazing! It's beautiful!! That's saying a lot because I usually don't care for landscapes! I'd hang this in my home. Well done.

    The second shot I don't really care for, as it seems "gimmicky", for lack of a better word. No offense, and GREAT PS work, really.

    The third is good, but just pales in comparison to the first shot.
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    I like the third one best and I think the light sky works well. It takes you across the bridge into the light. At least that is what it is doing to me.


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