Hello to all of the members on the forum.

Thank you in advance for any help that you can provide me regarding the slide image scanning process that I am about to launch.


I have two objectives that I want to accomplish as a result of the scanning process that I am about to launch:

1. Finally get my slides stored and organized in digital format
2. Use the digital images to create portfolios for my website, high resolution
prints for matting and framing and several book projects that will be
submitted to publishers with full color press capability

Background Information:

I will be using a Dell Laptop Vostro 1710 with the XP Professional operating system. I have 300 GB of storage capacity on the lap top and an external hard drive with 700 GB of storage capacity to support the process. I will be using a Nikon Super Coolscan 5000 to do the slide scanning and I have Adobe Light Room loaded on the lap top. All of the images are color shots with over 90% of the images created on Fuji Velvia film (ISO 50 and 100).


1. What resolution (DPI) should I scan my images at during the initial scan to
achieve my objectives and to maximize the storage capability that I have?
2. What resolution should I use for the images that I will post at my website?
3. What resolution should I use for high quality print making from the images?
4. What resolution should I use when submitting images to book publishers?
5. Are there industry standards/guidelines for generally accepted resolution
levels for websites, fine art print making and book publishing?

If you can provide me with coaching and guidelines related to my questions, please know that I would really appreciate the help. I do understand the world of fine art photography. Moving into the digital realm of photography is a huge learning curve for me!