Thought I'd let everyone know that a fresh new version of DBGallery has just been released, v3.4. This is a tool for organizing and quickly finding photos.

Release summary: Improved install and uninstall, many user interface improvements, file format additions(incl. Gimp/Xcf), plus platform compatibility extensions. Full release details, it's homepage, or download it.

I've pasted the summary of the product below.

Best Regards,
Glenn Rogers
Developer of DBGallery: The Photo DATAbase System

What is DBGallery?

A tool for organizing and quickly finding photos. Primarily accomplished by utilizing data about photographs. Photos may be browsed based on data and special collections. No longer is browsing folders full of thumbnails the way to find photos.

Be part of the photo data evolution! Photo data is typically underappreciated and under utilized. DBGallery changes that.

Logical Views
Browse photos by in a Windows Explorer-like tree view, but instead of folders the tree consists of years and months, camera models, keywords, titles, exposures, and many more practical layouts.

Photo Data Editor
IPTC/XMP data editor with powerful, quick, and easy edit features (too many to discuss here). Data is stored in your photos in an industry standard manor and read by most websites (Flickr, PhotoBucket, SmugMug, etc, etc) and software (PhotoShop, Windows Vista, etc). Once data is collected for sets of photos it can be used in interesting useful ways for years to come.

Excellent Data Search Capabilities
Search via IPTC/XMP data (keywords, description, title, etc), Exif data (stored by camera, such as model, exposure, flash fired) and file names. Use AND, OR, NOT, and IN to refine searches.

Reports show formal stats in professional looking layouts. Includes reports such as number of photos per year, number of photos by camera, and others.

Share via Email and Websites
Share data and photos via extremely easy email as well as a website generator. These are called EmailGallery and WebGallery respectively.

Collections of photos may be created using an area called “Handy Collections”. This name may be changed to represent how you see these collections: Rooms, Drawers, Buckets, etc.

Stock Agency Features
Holds data for status of photos at each agency and sales amount and quantity of each. Search based on agency, status and sales. Run reports like sales, acceptance ratios, sales by photo, by agency, and several others.

Photo Central!
This leads to a tool that would be used as your Photo Central, where photos are quickly found then something done with. Once found they can be dragged and dropped to programs for whatever needs to be done with them (editing PhotoShop or Gimp, drop them onto a print program, to a website builder, ad campaign, etc, etc). Internal to DBGallery you may quickly find and email photos, create websites, build collections, view and even set your favorite excellent photos as windows wallpaper.

Think using Windows Explorer is the place to go to find photos? DBGallery simply shows these same folders PLUS ads all these evolutionary capabilities. And if you need to go back to using Explorer data is stored in your photos, and not just lost if you decide not to use DBGallery.