If you want to get into videography, a dslr with video is not the way to go. The sheer amount of features in professional video equipment is massive compared to the video features on a dslr (which is nil).

The video features on DSLR's have not pushed prices of DSLR's up any more than other features do. Here is why.

In business, well, smart business anyway -- you never, ever, ever reduce prices for long term. Sure, a sale on something for a month is different, that all has to do with hitting the quarterly blacks. You never reduce prices, you increase value and features. Technology has reached the time where the price of DSLR's should be plummeting now, like computer technology has done. So, instead of dropping the price, you add features to make your camera a good option for the price.

I think we will never see prices drop, we will only see higher quality and more. Within a decade, these cameras will be amazing compared by where they are now... a digital sensor recording 11 stops for a thousand dollars with blueray recording etc...