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Using Box Store Photolabs

This is a discussion on Using Box Store Photolabs within the Digital photography forums, part of the Photography & Fine art photography category; I think beginners and enthusiasts should be very careful in choosing to get their photos printed at Walmart or some ...

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    Default Using Box Store Photolabs

    I think beginners and enthusiasts should be very careful in choosing to get their photos printed at Walmart or some other box store photolabs.

    Walmart has acquired a reputation by bringing in the police to charge a grandmother of child pornography for taking a picture of her young grandchild blowing bubbles while not wearing any clothes. Although she spent lots of money to successfully defend herself, the response from the chain seemed rather negative and arrogant with the promise that they would take similar actions in the future according to an article in Popular Photography. Definitely no apology for what in my opinion was a frivolous charge. So forget about the bathtub photos or avoid box store photo labs.

    Also some box stores don't seem to like professional looking photos sent in for printing. Photographers have been asked to somehow prove that they took the shots and are not violating someone else's copyright.

    Anyone with some experience in photography which obviously does not include the underpaid clerks in a lot of box stores, can recognize many photos that might violate copyright. Examples include: a photo of another photo that is obvious from the glare of glass, part of the white frame, a tilted angle and of course a mixture of a few very professional looking photos with some very poor quality snapshots. Anyone who could do a very professional copy of another person's work is likely sufficiently capable to do a high quality original and would not bother violating someone else's copyright.

    So, consider camera store or professional labs as well as those that exercise a little common sense, photographic experience and intelligence when dealing with customers.


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    That's a very good point tegan!

    I must admit that i did try to print some family shots 2 or 3 times at a walmart here is Quebec.

    I was very disappointed with the quality of the paper and the printing.

    Believe it or not for regular family shots I often use Jean coutu (A pharmacy chain in Quebec) I find the quality of their paper and the printing to be VERY good. ...FAR superior to wall mart. AND I upload from my computer and usually they are ready the next day.

    For Really important shots (family or gigs) I use a pro-lab and both the quality of the paper and printing are even better than the pharmacy variety.
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