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Photographer's Right

This is a discussion on Photographer's Right within the General photography forums, part of the Photography & Fine art photography category; I did post this info elsewhere in these forums, but thought I would post a separate thread in case someone ...

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    Default Photographer's Rights

    I did post this info elsewhere in these forums, but thought I would post a separate thread in case someone didn't cruise the others.

    We are, or should be, concerned about intellectual property rights. In the US, this is easy - you just have to contact Carolyn Wright, a photographer who happens to be a Lawyer involved with this matter. She may be able to point our Canadian friends to similar assets. If anybody living in Canada knows of a similar resource, this thread is as good as any to post useful related info.

    disclaimer: I am not being recompensed by Ms. Wright. In fact, she is quite unaware of my existence (I go to great lengths to assure this for anybody out there who might think, who is the Gremlich guy....).

    Carolyn Wright, Photo Attorney

    A podcast featuring her: Lensflare35

    Carolyn Wright, some bio details

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    Thanks for the link on my thread to Carolyn, I amy contact her next week, and just see if I can get her opinion on my matter. The biggest thing about my image is, copyrights here in the US started in 1923, so my image may have never been copyrighted.


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