As you can see I just did a phototour\workshop in Oaxaca, Mexico.

The workshop was put on by Joseph Linaschke (a professional photographer from Oregon) and Eric Mindling (an Americal professional photographer who has lived in Mexico for 25 years and has made many contacts with the local people in the small towns around Oaxaca)

Workshop included;
- street photography
- markets
- parades (demonstrations). Mexico just raised gas prices by 20% with more to come.
- early rises to get the morning sunrise light (towns and landscape)
- remote villages in the mountains
- ruins and old churches
- basic portrait lighting
- plenty of local food. Meals in people's homes with traditional Oaxacan food, including a cooking lesson (we had to make our own lunch)
- lots of rough, dusty roads in the mountains.
- detailed comments\analysis on your photography
- this was their first workshop and there were 6 students. They can take a maximun of 11 in the van they used.

This trip was fabulous and I highly recommend this workshop. If you have any interest I have included a link to their website. Next trip is planned for October
Workshops — PhotoJoseph Studios [Joseph Linaschke Photography, LLC]