I'm curious as to how you all came up with your business or photography page names?

I started my social media page name as a place for me to post photos of hikes that I've been on. "Adventures In My Trusty Boots". The name seemed to catch pretty well locally. As I've grown as a hobby photographer, people began to request prints from me. I eventually wanted to start up a website. That's when I began to rethink things, like, should I put my actual name to my website? The problem is, most people know me as "Trusty Boots", not by my actual name. I did start a website recently for people to purchase photos from directly, but chose to put it under my name, Jeanine Philippe Photography. How best to merge them? lol. Adventures In My Trusty Boots - Jeanine Philippe Photography seems like such a long merg name... What to do, what to do...?

A link to my FB page:

My website:

I would love to see what you all do with your pages and websites. Share your links if you like!