Keeping with idea that the diversity of hip hop can be displayed in many forms of art, we are proud to bring to you the 2nd annual H3 Photography Contest. We are going to expand our range by labeling this contest with an urban theme, and not just stictly hip hop.

FIRST PLACE- $50 cash prize, Hip Hop Headz T-shirt and membership
SECOND AND THIRD PLACE- Hip Hop Headz T-shirt and membership

1)No membership needed- open to public
2)No digitally altered photographs
3)One submission per person
4)Usage will only be for promotional use by Hip Hop Headz
5)Photography must have an uran relevance/theme to it
6)Contest opens January 10th and ends February 17th at midnight.
7)Please submit your entry to and please clearly state:
a) Name:
b) Alias (if applicable):
c) Email (as a contact):
d) Website (if applicable):
8 ) Top submissions will be placed on display, and will be voted on using the forum. Tuesday February 28th will be the last day of voting.

Good luck to you all