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Nominate Another Member's Photo Here - some changes

This is a discussion on Nominate Another Member's Photo Here - some changes within the Member's monthly choice forums, part of the Photography & Fine art photography category; Hi members, Effective immediately, the nominate another member's photo category will change. I'll still choose a 'winning' image, but only ...

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    Default Nominate Another Member's Photo Here - some changes

    Hi members,

    Effective immediately, the nominate another member's photo category will change.
    I'll still choose a 'winning' image, but only after 10 submissions.. I'll name the thread titles as 'rounds' versus the monthly titles they were given thus far.

    So thanks for your participation and please continue nominating (fresh images, versus great images that members have shot in the past) images from other members that you like.

    The current nomination thread is here

    many thx for the feedback listed below.


    Hi members,

    I've been thinking that it might be time to retire the Nominate Another Member's Photo Here category.

    For the past couple of months few nominations have been made (only 3 in September).
    I realize we are all busy but it just doesn't 'feel right' choosing 'a winner' with so few nominations.

    So feel free to discuss this right here in this thread if you like. (and continue nominating).
    But my immediate thinking is that if there are under X nominations - It's not worth it to 'choose a winner'. For me that X might be 8.

    Opinions? thx!

    I like the noms and think they should continue. I have noticed they dropped off the past few months, but I look at it like this..

    We are all good photographers (maybe not me ) and all (most images) posted are very nice. I only nominate images that knock me over when I first pull them up. These images go far above the garden variety nice images here.

    I have only been nominated 3 times in the 3 years I have been here. Noms make me want to take better images.

    I agree with AT (although not the part about him not being a good photographer) and would like to see it continue in some form. I also get Marko's point, so here is just a stray thought. Maybe make it "members top ten" or something similar. It may take a month or 6 months to get 10 nominations but then a "winner" could be chosen from those 10?

    This is probably a good opportunity to call out to members to nominate those images that really stand out to them. Everyone's opinions here are valued, and I for one would like to see more people nominating. Of course don't nominate images that don't impress you just for the sake of it, but I guess I am saying don't be shy or think that your opinions don't matter.

    Also I wonder if everyone is comfortable with the technical aspect of posting the nomination. I know the first few times I did it I had to experiment with the linking and inserting someone else's image into the post before I got it right.

    I'm going to go the opposite. If it is a dying thread, perhaps it should be deleted. We've deleted dying threads in the past and it was never an issue and Marko is right; it seems a bit lame to "choose" a winner from only 3 images. My $0.02.
    Or perhaps we can replace it with another idea and see if anyone can come up with something? I'm also ok with the less than 8 idea.

    I like the idea of it continuing as there are many times I get to see images that are nominated here that I would not have seen otherwise. I simply don't have the time to visit all the subboards. With that being said I don't think Marko has to choose a "winner" from anything that's nominated in the members choice. I think it would still be cool to see the admins choice continue as I enjoy reading Marko's pick of the month and I'm interested in his reasoning for choosing them, however this could be any image from the month whether it was nominated by a member or not.

    Thanks for the input everyone!

    Ok then - Let's keep it intact but instead of 'monthly' we'll make the thread titles Round 1 2014 round 2 2014 - etc.

    Only after 10 nominations will i choose 'a winner'.

    The 3 nominations in the thread from last month will be retitled 'round 3' at some point today/tomorrow.

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