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Wanna play the 10 things game?

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    Default Wanna play the 10 things game?

    List ten things that are about you that are not associated with photography or your employment.

    I will start.

    1. When I was born, the doctor named me.
    2. I knit.
    3. As a 2 year old, I ate china berries and lived.
    4. I love, love, love humor! - I know, that comes as a shock.
    5. I used to make wedding/bridesmaids dresses for a living
    6. I wanted 8 children but could only have two. (Now, I borrow other people's children every day.)
    7. Here is a puzzle: I have been married 3 times - divorced once.
    8. I am a vegetarian, and a wanna-be vegan.
    9. I love art. Have always wanted to be an artist but lack the ability...(Drawing/painting realism)
    10. I am a philanthropist.

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    1. I survived a hurricane, tornado, whopping cough, pneumonia and cancer.
    2. I swam across a lake during a thunderstorm and high waves.
    3. I piloted a yacht through waves that were so high, they were coming over
    the front.
    4. I sang in Lithuanian at my daughter's wedding,..and no I am not Lithuanian
    5. I convinced a brain surgeon that I had a medical background.
    6. At a funeral, I was introduced to someone who had exactly the same
    name as I did but no relation at all.
    7. I once had 5 jobs at the same time.
    8. I met my wife in Québec City during Carnaval.
    9. I typed out my wife's master's thesis on a manual typewriter.
    10. I screwed a light fixture into the main electrical cable in the house, while
    standing on an aluminum ladder and survived despite the "light show", melted screws, etc.

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    1. I have executed a barrel roll and loop in a real plane but never had a flying lesson.
    2. I have won trophies racing cars (1/10 scale radio controlled lol)
    3. I have been hit by several cars and fallen from several high places but never broken a bone.
    4. I recently started to learn how to draw manga style cartoons, never could draw before, took me a few weeks to get to a point of not bad for me heh.
    5. I have put my finger in a light socket to see what happened. It hurt..
    6. I have written and sold some computer games, I now write Applications for a living at a big software company. (I write my own applications at home too when I'm bored lol)
    7. I Brew Cider, Wines and Beers *hic*
    8. I love Sci Fi, Horror, Comedy especially if all 3 combined heh.
    9. I read a lot, but generally non-fiction, I'm currently reading up on philosophy which means I've no idea if I'm altruistic, Egoistic or just don't exist. All it's currently caused is for me to question everything, which can get annoying lol.
    10. I can cook. lol. have a massive library of Recipes, and have mastered indian and Chinese takeaway styles in addition to "standard cooking" heh, make jams, chutneys and of course have mastered the art of the gooey cookies heh

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    1. i am the youngest of 4 - 2 brothers, 1 sister & my parents are still married after 41+ years
    2. i got engaged to my hubby after just 5 months of dating (but we were friends for 6 yrs before that)
    3. i lived for 2 years after high school in Fort Chipewyan AB, a remote northern village only accessible by plane or boat, or ice-road in the winter
    4. i had my son at 16 & my daughter at 25
    5. i also had 4 angel babies; ectopic pregancies are the scariest & saddest thing to have ever happened to me
    6. i was born in good ol' saskatchewan (yes, all my halloween costumes fit over my snowsuit, the only traffic jams were slow moving cars following a tractor down the road, and i did, in fact, watch my dog run away for 3 days straight)
    7. one of my life goals is to travel on volunteer overseas missions, helping build clean wells & new schools & anything i can do to help out (more likely to happen once my kids get bigger)
    8. i purchase green & natural & organic & local as often as possible. im always driving to farmers markets, nearby farm stores, or spending hours in the aisles of the local grocery store, reading labels & looking for alternatives
    9. i beat the odds of most teen parents, and graduated high school & college, & never went on welfare even though at one point i was supporting myself & my son on less then $600 a month, paying rent, insurance, food, bills, daycare, gas, etc.
    10. i've broken both my arms, my collarbone, 3 fingers, my tailbone, 2 toes & 2 teeth. and cracked my head open & needed 6 stitches (yes. that makes me a clutz)

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    1)I used to collect stamps and coins as a kid
    2)As a teen I wanted to be an actor and did actually have a few professional gigs.
    3)I've been a vegetarian for about 12 years
    4)I absolutely love cats and dogs and yet I'm terribly allergic to my own cat
    5)I love dark chocolate with nuts
    6)In my 20's I went through a phase where I wore ripped jeans and no underwear.
    7)One of my favorite characteristics in people is humility (so Canadian)
    8)I can weep fairly easily when I listen to profound lyrics or watch a great film.
    9)I can be damn sarcastic with my closest friends and family
    10) I used to have a tail but it was removed and now it's more of a nub.
    11)Sometimes I come up with outlandish things (like # 10)
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    1. I grew up on the shores of the Snake River.
    2. I worked in Ringling Bros. circus for 4 years.
    3. I can juggle knives.
    4. I can talk non-stop for hours and hours and hours and hours.
    4 (cont.). and hours and hours and hours.
    5. I sketch, draw, paint, sculpt, scrapbook and design stuff.
    6. I was homeless for 2 years.
    7. I have around 30 journals completely filled and another dozen that are half filled. This is not because I like writing in journals... it is because I like buying cool looking journals and making my own. So I have to do something with them to reason getting/making more.
    8. I have 2 degrees and am working on a third.
    9. I love Dungeons and Dragons and have played since the age of 7 and still do today... when I get the chance to get with friends.
    10. I do not really consider someone a friend until I have known them for 10-12 years... I have about a dozen of these friends. I like to feel comfortable that a friend will help me bury a body if need be. Even after a couple years, I don't think you know someone, after 10 years you really tend to know someone.


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