Hey folks,

Been ages since I've been here, but I see your stuff on Facebook Marko and go, yes, I should check back in here.

Alas, it's been a strange year, and going to get even crazier! Just as I started to finally make solid plans to build a portrait business here in Scotland, including getting a studio space, we found out that the UK Visa rules have changed and we have to be out of the country by Jan 2017. Given that that would be in the middle of a school year (my little girl is starting P1 in a couple weeks!), we are heading back to Canada next summer.

Then, two weeks after that knowledge landed on our doorstep we found out we're expecting a baby in early Nov! So much for the business plans, lol. But in this last year I've been working through a class through CreativeLive and am just starting to build a portfolio in a new genre using just natural light (for now). I just did my second session last weekend and I can't tell you how in love I am with this style of shooting. I love photographing families, but the whole 'family session at the park' scenario wasn't fulfilling something for me. Editing my last session just made me giddy and that is how I knew I was on the right track. Still lots to learn and posing people to flatter their body type is truly an art all on its own, but one that is clicking in my head. It sure beats wandering my neighbourhood shooting the same old stuff and feeling bored!