Well I awoke this morning looking to just go for a walk and take some photos. I was viewing one of the Toronto Blogs and the City of Toronto has what they call discovery walks and there was one for this morning.

Usually I know what the walk is about but details were missing for this one and I didn't have time to investigate. So been to a few others and always find the history type walks very interesting being Toronto Centric and all.

Well todays walk was to walk the original boundaries of Toronto when it was first incorporated in 1834 which changed it name from the Town of York to Toronto. The Population at the time was just over 9,000. The walk was 9.5 K's and was just cool to do. And at the end I was not aware but they gave the first 100 people who finished certified copies of the original map which one its own was worth doing and knowing I walked the original boundaries was just cool. The only time they did not have a guide for the walk.

Took some photos but nothing I am overly happy about, more like tourist shots lol. I was also the first one to finish, after sitting on my rear all winter was surprised I still was able to do it the time I did, 1h 47.37 Seconds and burned 786 Calories, got to love my Nike's with my Itouch tells me all this info. Not bad for an old guy who smokes. And I even got some colour to my winter white look lol..... and I also been to all these streets and areas more times than I can remember so only a few things I was interested in shooting. Just glad I saw it online this morning on the blog.