I went to buy a canon remote switch at the local shop. No surprise to me that it was a special order item. I was told by the sales clerk that it would be 2-3 weeks for it to come in. No problem I thought. After 3 weeks of patiently waiting I enquired ( In person) as to what stage my order was at. I was told that it would normally take 5-6 weeks to get it in. WTF!!! I calmly told the sales clerk that I was told it was 2-3 weeks. He said his manager would fast track it for me. I went in the next week to Inquire again and was told it was not in. Some one else came from the back room and advised her co worker that a customer bought it! I was then advised it did not arrive yet. Another week went by. No call from the manager. I finally asked for my money back. I sent an email to their head office explaining my shopping experiance. I got a swift reply stating that the email has been "noted" and that the store manager would call me shortly. That was three weeks ago and have not heard from anyone.
So if anyone is interested I found this link to make my own.
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