I wanted to bring something up with the RAW vs. JPG issue. I shoot in RAW. My sister (one of my second shooter/assistants) shoots JPG.

For one, she decided that shooting JPG forces her to make it better in her camera. It gives her about twice as many shots, over 1k on an 8g card. The important thing is this -

If you do not really use post processing in your workflow, use JPG. I use post processing, even on her images, but I have found that it is really easy to still edit (via curves) a fine JPG in Photoshop. I use RAW because I like to get the image the way I want it before I send it on to photoshop.

Also, when you are talking about converting 1,000+ images to JPG from RAW, you better have all day long. For normal everyday shooting now, I just use JPG Fine. If I am doing a paid shoot - I am in RAW.