Hi members!

Just curious about something, as some members may know we also have a main blog for our site. Blog | Photography podcast blog and forum - Photography.ca

Are there any members that would like to become featured writers and write small blog posts (anywhere from about 200 words to 800 words) for the main Photography.ca blog?

Here's the skinny!
- Interested people need to have good writing skills. We're not looking for the next Hemmigway or anything but interested people should be able to write proper paragraphs and have a decent (perfection not expected) command of spelling and grammar.
- Interested writers don't need to be Pros but should definitely be comfortable calling themselves advanced shooters.
- We'd like people to write on a specific topic of photography that they are personally interested in. (ie portraits, animals, architecture, lighting, using lightroom etc. - these are just examples)
- We are not looking for a copy of blog posts from other personal blogs, we are looking for original material.
- The frequency of the posts can be discussed but we'd like it to be regular. (perhaps once a month or more?)
- In exchange for these posts we can offer a byline and links to your own photo site. We'll likely promote interested people in other ways as well when possible.

Is this interesting to anyone? If so feel free to PM me .

Please feel free to pass this on to any members that you think might be interested.

many thanks in advance