Grab the light now — light waits for no one

Another res­o­lu­tion I am mak­ing this year (start­ing today) is not to tarry when I see great light. Great light doesn’t wait for you, great light doesn’t give a crap about your sched­ule — You wait for great light and when you see it you must grab it by its invis­i­ble balls.

Yes­ter­day was an amaz­ing exam­ple. I woke up and thick fog was every­where — Everywhere!


For me, fog is great light. It evokes a rare spe­cial mood and feel­ing.
.…but I’m a busy dude and work beck­ons me con­stantly so I checked the win­dow peri­od­i­cally while I waited until I was ready to shoot. Guess what — once I was ready the fog had almost dis­si­pated. Boy was I upset : (

So as a last resort I got into my car and chased the fog until I found the best patch I could find. It was okay fog and I think this self-portrait is not bad.

Point is — Now I have think about what could have been instead of know­ing that I was shoot­ing at the best pos­si­ble time.….

self portrait fog


  1. Yves Janse says:

    Thanks Marko! I agree, I keep the lens cap on when walk­ing around, but some­times I also sim­ply shot in the pour­ing rain. I put a base­ball cap on top of my cam­era, with the front “flap” over the lens and the “head piece” over the cam­era, it fits per­fectly for that lens I was using. The down­side of course was that I myself got soak­ing wet :) but shoot­ing in the rain is beau­ti­ful too.
    I also tried to shoot from my car with the win­dow rolled down, but the wind blew the rain inside any­way, so that didn’t work.

  2. admin says:

    Wow that’s a beau­ti­ful shot Yves = Nice job!

    IMO — too many peo­ple are wor­ried about cam­era dam­age by mois­ture. I mean I don’t want to go swim­ming with the cam­era or take it our in heavy rain.…but a bit of fog? Fog cries out to be photographed.

    When slight mois­ture hits the camera/lens — I usu­ally just let it air dry for a bit. So far so good :)

  3. Yves Janse says:

    Hey Marko, I admit that fog can give you some amaz­ing shots, but some peo­ple feel walk­ing through thick fog too long might get your cam­era too wet, or your lens. When I went out to shoot some pic­tures, I almost didn’t go because of the fog, but I decided to go any­way, and shot one of my all time favorite land­scape shots. The fog/mist adds a lot of lay­ers in the scenery. So every­one, don’t worry about the fog, keep the lens cap on until you take the shot, and you will be fine! Just bring a tri­pod for longer exposures.

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