Sleepy Dog

Below is the orig­i­nal image (with dis­trac­tions) — added as a result of the com­ments :)

The top image tries to fol­low the ‘rules’ from photo pod­cast #46 where we talked about dis­tract­ing ele­ments in pho­tographs. This is a shot of a dog sleep­ing in a local con­ve­nience store. I spent about 15 min­utes ‘clean­ing up’ this photo. By clean­ing up I’m specif­i­cally talk­ing about remov­ing dis­tract­ing ele­ments. In this case the dis­tract­ing ele­ments were bright­ness prob­lems. I wanted the focus of the shot to be on the dog’s face and snout so I burned in (dark­ened) almost every­thing that was brighter than the face and snout. By doing this I’m actively guid­ing the viewer’s eye to where I want it to go.
Did I do a good job? Com­ments? Questions?


  1. I like this pho­tos so much! Thank you for shar­ing :)

  2. admin says:

    The orig­i­nal photo has been added as a result of the com­ments. many thanks! You should know that the orig­i­nal raw file looks much bet­ter than the com­pressed jpeg…

    I thought that the nails added some­thing into the shot but I can see how peo­ple may feel they are dis­tract­ing. Thanks again! Marko

  3. TMatt says:

    Nice shot! It would be nice to see the before and after to get a feel for how the image has been improved.

  4. yowzah says:

    I am still some­what dis­tracted by the nail heads in the floor. I sug­gest that you also clone those out with the neigh­bor­ing wood.

  5. Tim says:

    I like the pic­ture! Could you post a “before” image?

    Did you think about the floor nails (screws?) that are near the bot­tom of the frame? I find the light reflected off them dis­tract­ing as well.

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