I got one...only because I was on placement at the hospital and they had a clinic set up in the unit I was posted to. If not, no way would I have standed in line 3+ hours for it! I think the media has totally contirbuted to the hype and the government has done a really lousy job of setting this up properly for people that choose to get one.
I might also add that I grew up with a brother that had a compromised immune system and basically getting a cold or flu could have killed him. My sister brother and I grew up with getting flu shots every year in the 70's and we turned out okay.

When it comes to medicine, you are your own best advocate in health care so I think people need to weigh all the options for themselves, their families and determine what is best for them ultimately. I think too that when it comes to big topics everyone has an opinion and ultimately not everyone will agree with everybody elses.
That's my
Love the clip there too Greg!