86 — Inkjet paper review 2 – Museo Silver rag, Portfolio rag – Moab entrada bright

Pho­tog­ra­phy pod­cast #86 is the sec­ond? pod­cast devoted to high end inkjet papers and it reviews and dis­cusses 3 of them. I LOVE photo papers (tra­di­tional and dig­i­tal) and I just bought a new Epson 3880 inkjet to test inkjet papers with?.and of course make larger prints.?There?s LOADS of cre­ative pos­si­bil­i­ties when you try new inkjet papers so I hope the review of these 3 papers?is use­ful to many listeners/readers.

All 3 of these papers are highly rec­om­mended. Museo Sil­ver rag is a thick (300 GSM) light cream coloured paper with a medium gloss fin­ish and a slight tex­ture. Museo Port­fo­lio rag is a thick (300GSM) matte paper with a cream colour and very slight tex­ture. Moab Entrada 300 bright is a thick (300GSM) dou­ble sided matte paper with a white colour and slight tex­ture. Just as an FYI, if i say a paper has a cream colour, oth­ers may say on first glance, no it’s white. How­ever, take that paper and put it beside some­thing like reg­u­lar plain white laser paper and the creamy base tone is more apparent.

Note as well that the 2 matte papers have opti­cal bright­en­ers in them. I also talk about ICC pro­files again. Here is where they go on your com­puter after you down­load them. MAC= MAC HD > Library > Col­or­Sync > Pro­files
Win­dows PC= C: > Win­dows > Sys­tem 32 > Spool > Dri­vers > Color

Detail from Parisian self por­trait on Museo sil­ver rag — ?Marko Kulik

Parisian self por­trait on Museo sil­ver rag — ?Marko Kulik

Detail from Reflec­tion at Dor­win — 2009 on Museo port­fo­lio rag — ?Marko Kulik

Reflec­tion at Dor­win — 2009 on Museo port­fo­lio rag — ?Marko Kulik

Detail from Parisian self por­trait on Museo port­fo­lio rag — ?Marko Kulik

Parisian self por­trait on Museo port­fo­lio rag — ?Marko Kulik

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  1. admin says:

    Thanks for the com­ments KB!

    If you haven’t already lis­tened to them please lis­ten to Pod­cast 62 ? Monitor/printer cal­i­bra­tion
    Pod­cast 63 ? I1 Extreme and Colour­Munki review & printer dia­logue boxes when print­ing as well as pod­cast 85. You’ll gain a lot by lis­ten­ing to those.

    An ICC pro­file is a file that every paper man­u­fac­turer should have for every brand of paper they pro­duce. If you mon­i­tor is cal­i­brated and you use their ICC pro­file, you should get good results. The green tinge can EASILY be because your mon­i­tor is not calibrated.

    Stay away from cheap paper with no ICC profile.

    There is no rule what­so­ever on what should be printed matte or glossy, it’s 100% up to your own per­sonal taste.

    Hope that helps — Marko

  2. Kawartha Bob says:

    First off i’d like to say I really enjoy the pod­casts! That being said you look noth­ing like I’d pic­ture, but then again none of us do ( LOL). Your pod­casts on phot­graphic paper is really intrigue­ing. Could you explain what “ICC” stands for? I bought some cheap paper from a local dis­trib­u­tor ( house brand) that was matte fin­ish. I have found that when I printed that the image colours aren’t exactly what i had expected. Greys have a green­ish tinge to them. Does this have to do with the “ICC pro­file”? Also in your pod­casts it would be great if you had a price point to what you are “exam­in­ing”. One last point , if you could also talk about what type of fin­ish ( of paper i.e. matte, semi gloss etc.) would be good for what type of pho­tog­ra­phy ( land­scape, por­traits etc.) thanks and keep up the exep­tional work!

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